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My   Airbrushes

I use a Paasche vls, and an Aztek 3000s. I think "Paashe" means "pain in the ass to clean" in some other language. i've had a couple of baaad experiences with the paint drying inside the body of the brush, and having to pull the needle out with pliers. . . but other than that, it is a very nice tool to work with.

The Aztek is nice, and a lot easier to clean, but i just don't get the same control and precision that i do with my Pain in the ass. It is nice and light, being made out of mostly plastic, but i kinda like the weight of the chrome plated nickel body of the other one in my hand. I do like the fact that each spray nozzle has a needle built right into it, and each different nozzle has a different spray pattern for different effects. I can get the same effects with my other airbrush, but this is just a little handier when i'm trying to rush (and i'm always trying to rush. . . why do i always leave everything until the last minute? DUH!!!!)

I've been using Createx paints, and have had pretty good luck with them so far. I use the transparent matte colours, rather than the opaques, even when airbrushing on dark t shirts. I lay down a base of opaque white first, then layer the other colours on that. I think it gives a nicer effect than spraying opaque colours directly onto the dark fabric.

Get Me Outta Here!

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Relics!: stuff from my grade ten art class

tees and stuff: airbrushed t-shirts

portraits: pencil and contè

A tiger for my best friend: my fave so far

Acrylic on Leather

This wolf was my first real attempt at airbrushing...sorry about the pic quality...baaaaaad polaroid camera!

i    lOvE    mY    AirBrUsh!

My first airbrush was a gift from my husband. . .i think about 5 or 6 years ago. . .

I had seen airbrushed artwork before, but i really didn't know what an airbrush actually WAS (yeah, i've led a verrrrry sheltered life!)

The first thing i did was take the whole thing apart to check it out and see how it worked. i was left staring at a pile of tiny screws and springs and washers and o-rings,and i thought "uh oh! now i have to figure out how to put this thing back together and hope it works!"

As soon as i got some paint, i loaded the airbrush and started. . .PRACTICING! i had absolutely no idea what i was doing! i just started out practicing dots and lines of different sizes. Mike was leaving for a weekend fishing trip, and as he was packing his stuff he kinda looked at what i was doing and thought "hmmmm.....200 bucks for a thing that makes dots and lines?" (smile)

Well, since i had the whole weekend to myself, i cranked the tunes, got out a leather vest i had bought from a friend, and this wolf is what i created. My first real attempt at airbrushing! (when hubby got home sunday night, he was impressed!)

I was hooked!

"James Dean" Acrylic on Denim

Acrylic on Denim



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